Surabaya, is a provincial capital of East Java in Indonesia, the second largest business city in Indonesia and as the main trading seaport and commercial center in the eastern region of Indonesia. The city is also one of the busiest ports in the country. The economic growing makes Surabaya has expanded and become one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia where is also home to many offices and business centers, enriched by its facilities, and geography advantages. The Port has an international container terminal known as Terminal Petikemas Surabaya since 1992.

Surabaya has great economic potential. where the business incorporation of PT. Jangkar Pacific - a company - was established in 1984 under Republic of Indonesia laws and regulations to start its first office. The initial business is containerized cargo shipping service. 

Our Works

It is not a coincidence that the company - PT. Jangkar Pacific - starts its business here,  by knowing these economic potential reasons we precisely understanding the need for a commercial services in shipping and containerized cargo handling. Hence, we set up our office to ease you to reach our office and make any initial business contact.

Depo Container

 Jangkar Pacific Container Depot is operated under management of  PT. Jangkar Pacific. The infrastructures and facilities are intended to support shipping business and ease shipper and consignee  when picking and returning empty container thus increasing customer satisfaction. 

Location : Jalan Tanjung Tembaga, Surabaya.

Trucking Transportation

After completing the business lines with the container depot facility, later the company - PT. Jangkar Pacific - still extends its services by providing transportation - an inland haulage service - adding to its business lines as we constantly focus on customer demand and cater the container based market. The company strategic investment is in the form of purchasing container based inland vehicles until a sufficient numbers. We also pay attention for fleet feasibility by always inspecting and maintaining the fleet regularly to be road worthy. Thereof, We are ready to transport your cargo as best we can afford to all over the island.

Freight Forwarding

In accordance with the need of international business where commodities can be exported and imported, we also setup export and import cargo services. Hence, we establish partnership with a freight forwarding company which provide cargo clearance, document clearance and haulage service. This adding our efforts to deliver whole support to our valueable customers in their export and import business.

It is a pride for us that the government entrust through Agricultural Quarantine Agency under Ministry of Agriculture  to work closely with us to carry out plants product quarantine station facilities located in our Surabaya container depot.