Our Business

Qualified leading company especially in containerized cargo shipping, depo container services and container trucking . In addition freight forwarding is one of our business.


The company virtue has emphasized superb aims which underlie every single corporate principium. 

In terms of :

  • Contributing to nation wide betterment of economy growth and society.
  • Willing to do the ever best achievement of company objectives professionally.

V i s i o n 

The commitment is to be a qualified leading company especially in both shipping and servicing containerized cargo and being a prime preference for every cargo owners.

Management Board   

Our management board is compressing of highly motivated personnel with reputable work record. Their proven competencies will lead the organization to aim the company goals. Business roles and strategic imperatives have been applied to cater market needs as a result of comprehensive market analyzing. The board are responsible for the whole company operation and deliver state of the art services. The Board has determined to carry out a set of company major mission "Be Trusted, Be Reliable, Be Reputable".

Excellent Services 

We - PT. Jangkar Pacific -constantly maintains the trust from our valuable customers by continuously offering excellent service in containerized cargo handling. Our well-trained staffs are willing to assist pleasantly the customers starting the first time when the bookings are taken place to cargo shipment arrangement and vice versa upon arrival of incoming cargoes you will be informed the cargo shipment details. Thus, you may experience with our excellency of integration services providing you with our container depot facility and inland haulage services.


As the main asset of the organization, company also gives special attentions to our employees to enable us to extend the sustainable service delivered to you. Well planned working environments may boost our employee performance to carry out all the assignments and it means both the success of the company and benefit for the customers side.

Quality of Service Policy    

Every single customer without exception worth to get the best service we have, therefor we are constantly seeking better system and procedure to keep improving and enhancing business process to preserve quality of service. 


We always gladly welcome If there is any business requisition addressed to us.We willing to work hard to comply with your business needs. You may Call Us anytime on your convenience.

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