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We are available for you at SURABAYA and SEMARANG and as a part of PIL network, Our office will serve you with all the PIL shipping services. We ship your cargo to any Ports Of Destination we have. During its commercial milestones in shipping business the company has ever been.
Delivering thousands tons of cargo
Shipping to hundreds destination ports
Serving a list of cargo owners

In addition our Surabaya office has some extra services for containerized cargo handling, we are offering you Inland Haulage, Empty Container Depot and Plants and Fisheries Product Quarantine Station facilities. Please contact us and find many advantages we may have for you. 


Jalan Kalianget No 100, Surabaya Indonesia

PT JANGKAR PACIFIC [Semarang Branch]

Ruko Mataram Plaza Blok E12-12A, Jalan Letjen MT Haryono, Semarang Indonesia