Semarang  is a city on the north coast of the island of Java, Indonesia. It is the capital and largest city of the province of Central Java. Disregarding  Jakarta, Semarang is also counted to be the fifth largest city of Indonesia. It has a major seaport during the Dutch colonial era and is still an important regional center today. The western part of the city is home to many industrial parks and factories. The port of Semarang is located on the north coast and it is the main shipping port for the province of Central Java. Many industry and manufacturers with a variety of scales are located in Semarang and outer town, producing goods such as textiles, furniture, and processed foods. 


Several years after opening of its first office in Surabaya, PT. Jangkar Pacific expanded the business by opening its branch office in Semarang. By having Semarang branch office the company solely wants to get closer and serve more customers especially who located in the Central of Java region and also has chances to actively get involved in regional economy. Being a pioneer in the shipping business in the region We - PT Jangkar Pacific - constantly serves the customers as the best we can afford and stays motivated to keep being the best. Our customers - the cargo owners, exporter, importer - can be sustainable making benefits from our services.

PT. Jangkar Pacific is offering you to ship your cargo entire the globe, we are welcoming you to make your first cargo booking and we will shift up your business pace. You deserve to get the benefit from the synergies created.