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We are glad to inform you, today by having this webpage as media channel we find a convenient way to fluently bring in our business portofolio for your good and at this precious moment we would like to widely thank to All Our Valuable Customers, Partners and Agencies  who have loyally given to us any kind of mutual business supports all the time.

Some decades ago the company - PT.Jangkar Pacific - was established to actively participate in seaport based business activities majoring in the export and import cargo services starting with break bulk cargoes and then move to ship wholly containerized cargoes some years later.



Now a days we open our offices in Surabaya and Semarang. In line with market demands we also extend our business to more various container services by providing container yard, inland haulage and freight forwarding as a business services integration. The company sublime is to contribute national economic growing by increasing cargoes traffics which are carrying from main port toward island out ports mostly in eastern region of country.

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We always passionately do our best to deliver and arrange customer cargoes shipped all around the world. We make up partnerships well-maintained, also strengthen our business by liaising with some affiliated companies to build business synergy in order to meet the needs of customer demand.

PT. Jangkar Pacific has been serving customers ever since 3 decades.


Shipping industry along with containerized cargo has been evolving and expanding dramatically and it becomes more challenging therefor We at PT. Jangkar Pacific always aware to be deliberately creative to overcome the emerging shipping market. Strategical business improvements have been taken to increase customer satisfaction service level. We are hoping the mutual togetherness ever built and business relationships ever done among us are everlasting and lead PT Jangkar Pacific is your A I M - Always In Mind