with Pacific International Lines

We Do It Better

Introducing Pacific International Lines

Today PIL are  Opening offices in 23 countriesOperating more than 100 modern container vesselsLiner servicing to more than 365 locationsSailing to more than 65 countriesGrowing 20% in number of containers shipped annually.

Harmony In Relationship

For decades PT. Jangkar Pacific has been representing as overseas shipping agent of Pacific International Lines Pte. Ltd.  for handling cargoes in the region of East Java and Central Java. The business relationships is still remaining since ever, not only when it means profitable, but the success story of the mutual benefit can not be ignored from being respecting, trusting and caring each other. This tremendous business venture will bring opportunities in shipping your cargo spanned the entire globe.

A Vision To Deliver 

Pacific International Lines (PIL) is a shipping company moving ahead with confidence and vision. It is constantly seeking new challenges and broader horizons. The Singapore-based line has in the past few years developed into a modern, dynamic and forward thingking business specializing in the global shipping and maritime related industries.